Collecting & Highlighting Stories about the Women’s Education Project

I was the project lead for a consulting assignment that tasked our group with collecting and publicizing stories of women who participate in the Women’s Education Project. Part of the team developed three sets of comprehensive survey and interview questions to capture the stories of those using their programs while the other laid out best practices and strategies to present the collected stories.

A little bit about the Women’s Education Project. They have three educational centers in India where women come to study, receive tutoring, and make friends. The program also provides scholarships and life skills field trips.


Terreform & UR


At Terreform, on the communications side, I led market research to enhanced Terreform’s online presence and to implement publicity campaigns for their new imprint. Additionally, I represented the organization with customers, bookstores, fellow organizations and studios, press members, and fellow publishers (selling 30 books per event, forging partnerships with 2 book sellers, and persuading Urban Land Magazine to review Terreform’s first series).

As an editorial associate, I  closely examined multiple 200-page books, shaping architects’ research and designs into something that is more accessible for a broader audience.

Ann Snitow & The Feminism of Uncertainty

Ann Snitow & The Feminism of UncertaintyFor Ann Snitowassociate professor of literature at Eugene Lang College (The New School) and co-founder of the Network of East-West Women–I crafted an informational timeline on transitional events in Eastern Europe, examined present day gender equality initiatives, and transcribed collected speeches and interviews. Additionally, I copy-edited The Feminism of Uncertainty, a collection of personal essays, catching mistakes the publisher’s own editors missed. On a more day to day basis, I assisted her in course and event preparations, and managed her office.

Branding for Socially Conscious Bakery

Branding for Socially Conscious Bakery (2015)I worked as a member of a consultancy team to develop a marketing and communications plan to provide consistent branding and messaging across all touch points for a socially conscious bakery, Sweet Generation. We created calendars and captured key language for the bakery to use in order to help them grow their customer base and through social media. Along with this, a branding guidelines document was drafted, listing the description of the bakery, its high-quality product, and its mission. This went into the making of the pitch deck that would be used when talking to potential wholesaler partners. Finally, we created a new website for the bakery, paring down the overflow of information provided on the old one, giving the re-design a crisp and clear façade.

A little bit about Sweet Generation. They offer an internship program that teaches baking, proper food handling with certification, point-of-sale system proficiency, and entrepreneurship to teens and young adults from New York City communities.


Energy Efficiency Programs in Baltimore City

As part of a three-person team, I assessed energy efficiency efforts on behalf of the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA) and the funders of the Baltimore Energy Initiative. I carried out phone and observational surveys, interviews, field audits, and participant observation to gauge how the initiative was proceeding.

One of my favorite experiences was shadowing installation crews who fitted homes and apartments with energy and money saving items. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with the folks who did this work, and my direct engagement with them allowed me to assess the final aggregated survey data in a more nuanced way, describing how certain practices assisted in the success of crew’s work while others did not.

After the fieldwork, I coded and sorted the data on the Baltimore Energy Challenge and TreeBaltimore programs. I then wrote initial drafts on each program, analyzing their data for the final report, “Baltimore Energy Initiative Program Evaluation.”