ABOUT ME—Friends and colleagues call me “Captain.” They do so because when a problem arises, I calmly jump into the mix. I listen, look, converse, and reflect before acting. Working closely with those involved, we craft solutions tackling challenges that have arisen (whether it is transforming a shared backyard with roommates and neighbors into an edible garden and recreation space, or creating multiple surveys that capture women’s experience as they build skills and relationships as part of an international education organization). Like any Captain worth their salt, I am always at the ready for whatever may come.


The world has always been an ethnographic space; one to be approached with curiosity and care. I rely on collaborative and qualitative practices in my work (and life), using human-centered and participatory action methods to move forward on social (and personal) issues. These practices are necessary to forge meaningful partnerships, problem-solve, and make new ways of being.